Blade hex for cap nuts 2,3 mm. Blade star nuts 6 pcs. Nutdriver hexagon large 2. Nutdriver set rotary deposit with Nutdriver set in a plastic deposit. And I think I might have found one. The threaded rod is 12 inches long, so you can cut it down for your project.

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Nutdriver hexagon large 2.

Profi nut driver set in a rotary deposit. I haven’t given up yet.

Socket Head Screw Cap: Compatible Screw Sizes: M16 Shaft Diameter: 14.4 mm Head Height: 2.2 mm

I’ve never tried that before though, anyone else? Nutdriver set rotary deposit.

Nutdriver hexagon small 2. Nutdriver set 2.22mm a rotary deposit. Blade hex socket star type 2,0 mm. I intend to try again. Wing blade nutdriver star 4, 2. Nutdriver set rotary deposit with And I think I might have found one.


I ordered some from Micro Mark, along with a die to cut the threads. I think it would go better with an appropriate gauge steel rod instead of brass. Nut driver blade hex 2. Nutdriver set in a plastic deposit. Unfortunately McMaster Carr doesn’t sell screws or nuts 22.2mm go down this small. Nutdriver set 7 pieces. Nutdriver 6 star 2.

Blade hex for cap nuts 2,3 mm. In the meantime, I’m going to try making my own threaded rod.

Hex Nuts – Kimball Midwest

So its a workable solution, but probably not as elegant as just ordering those brass rods which I also ordered from http: I have been bending the rods into an angular “U” shape, and threading them up through a plastic platform, so that the two threaded ends are at the non-stack connector side of the boards. I am building a TinyDuino stack that is currently 5 boards tall. I can confirm the frustration that amdrake expressed about trying to turn down those brass rods. Wing blade nutdriver hex 2.


I said I was going to try threading my own rod in my post on Jan.

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Nutdriver 6 stars 2. I’ll have to look for a source for that.

Blade star nuts 6 pcs. I also am interested in longer screws. Nutdriver profi 6 star 2.

B&S Locknut Driver For Rimless Hex Nuts mm ~ Pro Range #

Wing blade nutdriver star 6, 2. Blade slotted nuts 2,8 mm. Where can I buy longer screws?

The screws that come with the tinyduino are too small to accommodate this – I need something at least 2.

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